Unfortunately, we can’t always get into the library. But let’s not deny ourselves the pleasure that is always available to us, thanks to the Internet – to read e-books. Check the best eReaders for 2023 in the article below.

How to choose the best eReaders for 2023?

An electronic book is a real library in your pocket, which also does not spoil your eyesight. And although proven and popular models are not included in the budget segment, such an investment quickly pays off because the user can take cheaper books in digital format. In addition, it is convenient, does not take up much space, and a whole series of your favorite writer and author of comics is always at hand.

E-books have many advantages, including lightweight, ideal reading format, Wi-Fi support, large memory capacity, touch screen, and much more. For those users who like to read but still have doubts – whether it is worth paying attention to e-books or it is better to use paper in the old way, the arguments below will help dispel doubts.

  • More choices. Some paper editions eventually become unavailable. The Internet, as you know, remembers everyone. In addition, some authors are not translated at all, and if you do not know the languages, that is, there is a chance to find at least an amateur translation.
  • Storage location. The electronic library is stored on a small memory card, or simply in the reader’s memory; the same cannot be said about paper editions. In addition, later, they become a source of dust.

In e-books, unlike smartphones and tablets, special technologies are used that make the font and pictures as similar as possible to typographic ones. Since the devices are read-only and cannot be used to play games, use instant messengers, social networks, etc., they are capable of holding a charge for up to two weeks without recharging.

Examples of the most popular eReaders in 2023

Choose an e-book to read for days on end and not put it on charge so that your eyes do not get tired, and it supports all book formats and, at the same time, works smartly. Sounds like an impossible task. But we got through it.

Many people think that e-books are the last century, and now you can read through a regular tablet or smartphone. In fact, the use of smartphones and tablets for prolonged reading has a negative impact on vision. Therefore, if you love to read, we recommend you the best eReaders of 2023, which are the following:

  • Best overall e-reader: Kindle Oasis ($249.99; amazon.com).

The reader has a 6.8-inch monochrome E Ink Carta touch display with a resolution of 1600×1200 pixels and a built-in backlight. The body is plastic with wide frames and IPX8 protection against moisture.

  • Best budget e-reader: Kindle Paperwhite (11th Gen) ($139.99; amazon.com).

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is equipped with a plastic case with IPX8 water protection. The reader supports the following formats: 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, MOBI, and PRC. It has a convenient branded application store, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth v 4.2 modules. Charging takes place via the micro USB port.

  • Best e-reader for kids: Kindle Paperwhite Kids ($114.99, originally $159.99; amazon.com).

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids is a classic for modern book readers with an ascetic design, compact size, and a relatively small price tag of $86. The e-book received a 6-inch eInk Carta monochrome touch screen with a resolution of 1,448×1,072 pixels (300 PPI).