Since 2007, the rapid growth of the e-book market has been observed. At this time, the first readers with screens made using “electronic ink” technology began to appear. Users highly appreciated this technical achievement, and currently, such books are increasingly replacing traditional paper ones. Check why ebooks are so expensive in the article below.

Why are electronic books better and more convenient than paper ones?

For all lovers of literature, the development of technology presented a special device – an electronic book. Taking into account the dynamic development of the world, in 2023, the reader remains a popular gadget for those who want to read world novelties of literature, professional textbooks, and original works of foreign writers.

A small, compact gadget, which structurally resembles a tablet, it allows you to carry an entire library in one bag pocket. An electronic book or reader is undoubtedly a convenient tool, but many conservative people still prefer traditional books. Let’s understand how the electronic version is better or worse than its prototype, as well as what the difference is between readers and other tablet devices.

Many modern readers are equipped with touch screens, which makes the use of such devices even more convenient. Today, a significant number of people are convinced that fiction in electronic format is much better to read; besides, modern readers allow not only to read books but also to listen to music and radio, sit on the Internet, play simple games, and also download books directly into the device. So what is better? The following facts testify in favor of the e-book:

  • Screen. In an e-book, the location of the backlight is different from other devices. It is installed on the side and does not affect vision in any way. In other gadgets, the backlight is under the display and directed directly into the eyes – hence eye fatigue.
  • Autonomy. Average smartphones demonstrate 1-2 days of battery life. For readers, the indicator can vary from two weeks to several months.
  • Functionality. Any smartphone in its arsenal has more functions than a reader. To some, this will seem like an advantage, but in many situations, there is a downside to this.
  • The explanation of ebooks price

    With the development of digital technologies, more and more people prefer e-books and audiobooks to printed books. Only Amazon offers millions of e-books in every category you can think of. Some of them are free, while others are sold at a very high price.

    Most often, we see people price an eBook based on Amazon’s royalty structure (generally, prices outside $2.99 to $9.99 get a 35% commission). Some might look at production values, the niche it serves, or even competitive eBooks (always good). Authors publishing their first title are especially resistant to low pricing.

    Such a device is more than reasonable to buy a child for school. Firstly, it will not distract him from learning with games, social networks, messengers, and other smartphone capabilities. If you think that a child does not need any gadget at all, then think about how much 3-4 textbooks and one e-book weigh, while for the eyes, they are equivalent, and no harm will be done to the schoolboy’s vision. In addition, a paper book is not cool; an electronic device is cool. Perhaps with the help of a reader, the child will want to read and will love this activity.