Super Sci-fi Fan

Super Sci-fi Fan

I am a fan of sci-fi videos and have a decent collection. You can therefore assume that I also like technological gadgetry along with all the usual computer and phone gear. When the newest item appears, I am first in line. If you think I could be a fanatic, you would indeed be right. I appreciate anything that is functional and well made at the same time. It has to meet my standards. I hate shoddy workmanship no matter how mundane the item. As a result, I can look at anything from a toaster to a ceiling fan and make a personal judgment.

The ceiling fan actually comes to mind since I bought a new one recently. We had been having a barrage of hot weather and I noticed that those in the library where I work really help. I was sweltering at home. You might not even need to turn on the AC if the fan is a quality object. You can save on utilities as a result and feel good about it. Why waste your precious pennies when you don’t have to.

So what is so great about this special new fan? For one thing it is super high tech. It looks like a normal fan, but it is not. Sure it has a motor and needs an electrical outlet, but there the similarity ends. No ugly blades that can cut fingers to the quick. No noisy whirring that drives you crazy while you sleep. No difficulty cleaning it when it attracts dust. It is actually a kind of small tower in design made of chrome and black plastic. It is sleek, modern, and suitable for any décor.

It looks a bit “outer space” if you are used to the old models that sat squat on the floor and did their business. But, that was exactly the look that I was going for online. I read ceiling fan reviews on the internet and then looked at a lot of photos before I finally settled on the one that would adorn my living room.=. It could be anything from a generator to a wind machine in appearance. It is not like those giant industrial air circulators that are often used in construction. It is, rather, small, compact, and functional. It is meant for a home first and foremost and not necessarily the office.

Also on the plus side, it is digital in conception with a small, nonintrusive LED display. It has many settings, not just high, medium, and low. It has a temperature gauge so you can control just how cold you want your room to be. Plus, it works on auto most of the time. It won’t run continuously unless you program it this way. Speaking of programming, it has a mini computer that rivals a laptop in power. While it is not an AC unit, it is so effective as to almost function as such. You decide where to put it and let it do its job.

I didn’t have to break the bank to get this unit as they are sold competitively at discount. In any case, it is well worth the money and will pay for itself in no time. I highly recommend going high tech if you are still stuck with old, inferior models.